Per Gustav Person

My grandfathers older halfbrother: Per Gustav Person

For a long time, I have been trying to find my (adopted) grandfathers older halfbrother, who emigrated from Sweden to the United States in 1914.

Per Gustav Person was born in Vara parish in September 29th 1895 and he was the son of Gustav Albin Persson and his wife Agda Charlotta Svensdotter. His mother died in 1899 and his father remarried in December 1900.

For some reason, Per and his younger brother Sven Albin, moved to their maternal grandfather Sven Jonsson, Sven Bengtsgården, Jung parish in November 4th 1904, when they were only 9 and 7 years old. Living with their grandfather, they are noted as his fostersons. In November 12 1912, when Per is 17 years old, he moves from his grandfather in Jung to Uvered parish.

In October 2nd 1914, he leaves from Backgården, Uvered, to emigrate from Sweden to the United States. He arrives to Ellis Island on October 15th 1914 on SS Mauretania, departed from Liverpool on October 10th (I had some trouble finding him in the Ellis Island records, since his name was transcribed as “Per Gustov Person”). After I looked at the original Ship manifest, I have been able to confirm that he is the correct man. He is a farm laborer and has a ticket to his uncle Axel Svensson, Great Falls, Montana. He was 5 feet, 7 inches tall (about 170 centimeters), had a fair complexion, brown hair and grey eyes.

Earlier, the last time I could find him was in his World War I Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918. He was drafted in June 5th, 1917 and was then living in Cascade County, Montana. He was still a Swedish citizen, worked as a farm laborer and was employed by Chas Beckstrom, Rayn(e)sford, Montana.

Per Person WWI Draft Registration Card, page 1
Per Person WWI Draft Registration Card, page 2

Thanks to the site Find a Grave and to FamilySearch and the people contributing to those sites, I have been able to further puzzle together his life after WW1.

He was called in for duty on December 10th, 1917,Ft. Wright, Washington, to serve as a Private and assigned the 86th Spruce Squadron Air Service, United States Army, where hed served until January 17th, 1919, when he demobilized Honorably at Vancouver, Washington, still with the rank of Private.

He worked as a miner after the war and he never married.

According to Whatcom County Clerk, Naturalization Records, 1872-1988, he got his final citizenship, but there is no information about what year he got the citizenship.

He came to Washington state in 1929 and in 1934, when he wa 38 years old, he was admitted to the Washington Veteran’s home in Retsil, Kitsap County, Washington, where he was transfered from the U.S. Veterans Facility in Portland, Oregon.

Per G. Person died at the Naval Hospital in Bremerton of bronchial pneumonia, when he was only 46 years, 11 months och 2 days old, September 1st, 1941.

He  was buried in the World War section of the Veterans’ Home Cemetery and since he was a veteran with no known descendants, there was an application made for a headstone in marble, to mark his grave. At Find a Grave, there is a picture of his headstone.

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